The Ideal Job Description

The information that a job description should contain are:

    • A good title of the job.
    • A brief history of the organization which is advertising for the job.
    • Present occupation of the company such as the product, its market, services provided by the company, customers etc.
    • Future prospects, expansion plans, diversifications of the company.
    • Importance of the company in the present scenario.
    • Important persons associated with the company.
    • The educational qualifications required for the job.
    • Exact details of the experience required and the number of years of experience sought.
    • Age limitations if any.
    • List of jobs that are to be performed in broad terms.
    • Timings
    • Responsibilities and reporting details.
    • Location of the job. Whether the person has to be ready for dislocation and if so the probable places where he may be required to work.
    • Leave details.
    • Salary and other parks admissible.
    • Physical abilities required and any minimum standard is specified.
    • Minimum requirement of power of eye, whether color blindness acceptable or not.

While preparing the job description you have to be careful so that the communication is clear and free from any flaw. The flaws that are often found in it are primarily in the language. Since the job description is prepared by the men in site, the language gets the overtone of industrial jargons. But you must take note of the fact that the jargons are not necessarily to be understood by the outsiders. So here the communication breaks and many good candidates get disinterested with the job.

Seeking for perfection is another flaw which comes up when you try to go into too much details of job description. You cannot find a match for all of your requirements in a single go and you are sure to miss the prospective ones in the process.for complete info visit :